A lot of us do not consider the neighborhood while choosing a property to buy or to rent. However, this is crucial, especially if you are already or you want to start living a healthy lifestyle and you want to maintain it. Ask the following questions to help you determine if the neighborhood is right for you.

  1. Do they have a walkway?

This can encourage jogging, biking, and strolling.

  1. Do they have fresh fruits and vegetables market or shop?

Accessibility to fresh food goes a long way to promote a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Do they have recreation centers, sit-outs like restaurants, fitness center, etc. nearby?

You might need to take your children out to play games, hit the Gym, get along with your neighbors, and so on, so you need to consider such facilities.

  1. Do they have good schools around?

You would want this for your children if they are still in school. You do not want to travel miles from your home looking for a good school to enroll your children.

  1. Is it an environment with Gardens, Trees, parks?

This means that fresh air is guaranteed by nature.

  1. Is the area flooded in the rainy season?

If you have been admiring a property for a while, you can ask the people who live around there if the raining season affects the environment.

  1. How secured is the environment?

This is most important because you do not want to be running in the morning hours and you are suddenly attacked by hoodlums.




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